Master defense arrangement for int'l students 2017-2018-2

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Defense date: 8.30 am, May 16, Wednesday 2018.

Venue: Room 213, Main building, Shahe campus.

Please follow the instructions carefully to finish this most important step!

Defense preparation:

1.Each student should prepare a PowerPoint (PPT) for defense presentation estimated to last less than 15 minutes. Student’s name and ID could be in the PPT, but no supervisor’s info. Bring a pen and some paper with you during the defense.

2. When your supervisor consents the latest version of thesis/report, each student should print six (6) copies of the thesis after modification (without supervisor’s information) according to the expert review comments (Thesis complying with the format specification, but formal binding unnecessary). Submit 5 copies of the thesis and 5 copies of “Revision description1” document (download it from our QQ group, fill and print it) to Room 222 of Main Building Shahe Campus before 11:30 am one day before the defense date. Keep the remaining 1 copy of the thesis to answer questions from the Defense team.

3. Each should carry the student ID card for inspection during the defense.